Everything Quilters Need To Create Beautiful Things
Ombré Mystery Quilt
Challenge NOW!
Only $89 USD - Very limited registration!
Everything Quilters Need To
Create Beautiful Things
Ombré Mystery Quilt Challenge NOW!
Only $89 USD - Very limited registration!
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Here's What Our Challengers Think...
I truly appreciate that I have learned so much from Bradie's tips and lessons learned! I didn't expect to truly enjoy making a mystery quilt. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!!! Thank you!

-Claudia Dunning-
Well anytime I can instruction from Bradie is a big positive. She gets right down to little things that go wrong for all of us but seldom see instructions on how correct. I never do a mystery anything - too controlling I guess. I want to know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there - so I’m surprised I’ve been able to let that go, not try to figure out what’s next and just go with it.

-Jean Pein-
I love that she responds so quickly to any questions or problems that I have the videos are wonderful and show exactly what she is doing best of all she takes time for each person that has a question I never dreamed that my piecing would improve in just a few short days
-Olive Goheen-
I appreciate concise instructions. What has surprised me is how relaxed I am, probably because I feel like I know what I am doing!

-Brenda Anellog-
This is the first time for me. I have learned so much. Bradie show us the way to do things with options. Answers all questions. She is great.

-Susan Ratray-
I had no idea she would be so personable and warm. When she calls us Quilty Darlings, she means it. She is so encouraging and attentive to our questions and even names. No matter the challenge, she'll find the way to get us through!
-Kathy Hill-
My first online challenge and mystery quilt. I like Bradies demonstrations. Her sewing methods are slow and deliberate. I like seeing the care she takes with every step; showing us this is not a race, but a process to be enjoyed.

-Joyce Breyer-
I was hesitant to take an online challenge, but am glad I did. I’ve learned, thru Bradies patience and precise explanation how to slow down to do things right. Thank you so much for your knowledge and smiles.

-Gladys Lee-
I love that Bradie shows us her preferred/tried and true method, and also shows alternatives. Like she says, there are several ways to do things, we have to pick which one suits us the best. I have picked up on a couple tricks that already makes my blocks 'square' and MUCH less frustration. This is my first online challenge and I did not expect to see so many fellow quilters sharing their tips, muchly appreciated

-Cheryl Meranger-
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